Sunday, June 1, 2008

BFF: Gary Wiseman Wants To Meet Your Best Friend

Almost everyone has time to speak but few have time to listen.

What is a best friend? What makes one friendship better than another? When does a friend become a best friend? Does best friendship require mutuality?

When we were primitive we gathered in open spaces under heaven. We faced each other, illuminated by firelight, and engaged in storytelling that described the reality of how things are and the power we have to create the world around us.

Our process of sophistication lead us one-by-one into darkened rooms where we sit on comfortable chairs facing forward. We stare at simulations of life that lead us into longing for a dream-world that will never be realized.

I am continually amazed and honored by what the people I collaborate with in my investigations choose to share with me. Without them this project would not exist.

BFF: Gary Wiseman Wants To Meet Your Best Friend was conducted at Nuit Blanche 2007 in Toronto, ON. Nuit Blanche is an art festival that runs for one night from sunset to sunrise. BFF was held in the Infinite Exchange Gallery located in the Kennsington Markets. A few edits were necessary but, aside from this each video is unedited and appears as it was recorded on the day of the performance.

Nuit Blanche

Infinite Exchange Gallery